Fusing the divide between the transistor and the human
The human is more important than the technology. Make things more human.
— Steve Wozniak
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Bridging the Divide between the Human and the Transistor.

There’s enough to do when you run your own business. Taking care of Information Technology (IT) is more than most business owners have time for, sometimes this means that the receptionist is also the IT person. We understand the unique requirements of different businesses and use our experience to help you build a network designed specifically for your requirements. One that is sustainable and allows for growth.

Todays technology landscape is an ever shifting maze of vendors, options, and caveats. In a world where strategy is predicated on these technological choices, it’s of the utmost importance to compose a landscape that works for you.  In a world of choice the correct choice is to work with us. With this in mind we strive to be the sherpas up the mountain, to guide and direct you to the choices and technologies that can best benefit your business.

We have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from Husband and Wife start-ups to a company in the Fortune 500. Copious IT will always strive to be that trusted advisor who will guide you to best technology landscape in the face of a myriad of options. We are IT for business.


From Startups to Enterprise and Everything In Between

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Managed Services

Subscription services agreements are billed per person. Packages start as little as $625 per month which includes support for up to 5 users, additional users are $125 each

Services & Rates

Large or Small IT team? Maybe no IT team at all? Whether you’re looking for supplemental help for an existing IT team or you need to get a Managed Services provider our IT Services cover everything you need.



Description Price Discount Savings
Hourly Labour $175/hr N/A $0
10 Hour Retainer $1,575 10% $175
20 Hour Retainer $2,975 15% $525


Our managed service subscription provides a sound strategy for improving your operations by transferring the day-to-day IT support of your network and staff to us. This gives you a higher level of service and predictable IT support costs.

Managed services includes priority response times, help desk support, incident tracking, monitoring, maintenance, and more. We want you to think of us as a trusted member of your team, by doing this we can help your business by providing a proactive approach to your computing environment.


For those businesses who require a helping hand to deploy a product or service, or perhaps those who do not feel ready to commit to a Managed Services platform. We offer many different professional services specializing in Apple and Linux/Open Source solutions.

There’s no product or software that we are unable to help you with. Contact us today to find out more.


You’re a technology company who needs specialized assistance with a product or service that is not inside your company’s repertoire. We are able to assist! In fact a lot of our customers are other IT / MSPs who are in need of specialize IT services but do not have enough requirement to hire someone full-time. We have been able to help an ISP with a 20 year old Sun Sparc Server. We’ve helped a bag manufacturer migrate 500 Macs to a NetApp filer. We’ve helped a film studio take over a WiFi network that they inherited. There’s no challenge to odd or to big for us to handle for you.




The following is a select listing of projects and customers that we have taken special pride.


Herschel supply company - netapp migration

Herschel contacted us about a NetApp migration that was underway in their Vancouver office. They had recently run into a problem with their current storage solution and were pushing forward an already set in motion plan to migrate to a NetApp storage solution. Their studio used almost all Macs but none of the users were directory bound or managed in any way. We were contracted to assist their local IT team in the transition which involved creating a script that would automate the transition for their users. Each user has a user profile which was local to the workstation, they needed modification. Working closely with the IT team we created a script to:

  1. Clean the connect to servers window and inject a new server record in to the favourites window

  2. Delete all login items referencing the old file server

  3. Find a specific keychain item, steal the password, then create a new keychain item and inject the stolen password.

  4. We then placed this script as a payload into an installation package and then pushed it out to their entire studio by way of a package manager.

On the day of the migration we were able to assist the IT team by diagnosing a DNS issue and then fixing an authentication/privilege error in the NetApp’s operating system. After which we executed told our script to execute the next time the user logged in. The next morning we sat back and watched with glee as we saw each user’s profile changing on the fly as they logged in.

.The special part of this job though was highlighted by exposing a security flaw in the then current version of macOS. Details of the exploit can be found here. tl;dr By using built in tools on the Mac you can extract any saved password without having to provide any authentication.


Play management Inc

As one of our first customers who signed on to our subscription based Managed Services platform Play has always been the environment by which we try to define our offering. Fully managed end-to-end environment there isn’t much that we don’t take care of in terms of technology. Workstations are deployed with automation and package management software. The network is simplistic yet can handle the intense load that this company requires. As a talent agency they are tuned into e-mail to a degree that most other companies could not comprehend. Email accounts for 70% of all their data footprint, the email clients are local to their computers, and as a result the network is tuned to allow for maximum performance amid a flurry of communication. Through annual IT audits we are able to keep Play one step ahead by introducing new technologies to them and helping them budget for their IT costs.

We take care of many customers in the same way as Play Management you should let us take care of you as well.


Fully managed

Even as western Canada’s self-proclaimed largest IT company Fully Managed contacted us to help them with something outside of their wheelhouse. One of their customers is a medical imaging centre and had a CT machine that was not behaving properly. We were contracted to work with the software developer of the PACS system in place which was running on top of a variant of Red Hat linux. While Fully Managed was able to service the customer’s day-to-day needs they needed our help when it came to the more difficult wayward technologies.

This job was very challenging due to the fact that there was no graphical interface to work with and the only screen attached to the system was inside a lab operated by a tech. Thus when performing updates or maintenance some orchestration had to take place between the parent IT company, the software developer, the lab, and the tech.


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