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There’s enough to do when you run your own Small Business. Taking care of Information Technology (IT) is more than most business owners have time for. Sometimes, this means that the receptionist is also the IT person. We understand the unique requirements of Small Business. We'll help you build a network designed specifically for your requirements, one that is sustainable and allows you to grow.

Copious is IT for Small Businesses. Macs, Windows, Linux, laptops, desktops, and servers. We work with you to help fix problems now, while planning for the future. By specializing in Mac computers and Apple mobile devices, we help you create a strong digital foundation for your business.

Subscription Services

Managed services provides a sound strategy for improving your operations by transferring the day-to-day IT support of your network and staff to us. This gives you a higher level of service and predictable IT support costs.

Managed services includes priority response times, help desk support, incident tracking, monitoring, maintenance, and more. We want you to think of us as a trusted member of your team, by doing this we can help your business by providing a proactive approach to your computing environment.

Best Practices Audit

In todays world we have almost limitless options and choices. It seems every day there's a new offering of technology that is supposedly revolutionary. In the world of choice the correct choice is to work with us.

With this in mind we strive to be the sherpas up the mountain, to guide and direct you to the choices and technologies that we best benefit your unique business.


Trust is built on stability thus documentation creates trust. We believe that transparency is king and thus the information that we document should be available to you at all times. In times of emergency or transition having a full documentation package can you help avoid unnecessary downtime.


Hourly Labour$175 / hourN/A$0
10 Hour Retainer$1,57510%$175
20 Hour Retainer$2,97515%$525


Subscription services agreements are billed per person. Packages start as little as $625 per month which includes support for up to 5 users, additional users are $125 each

If you would like more information on our subscription services offering, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jordan Eunson started Copious Communications in 2009 when he saw how underserved many small businesses were with regards to their IT infrastructure. Since then the business has grown in ways he never expected. Jordan has tried to give back to the community by becoming involved in the fight against electronic waste. In 2010 he joined electronic recycler Free Geek Vancouver as a board member, and published articles in the Georgia Straight and UBC Medical Journal outlining some of the issues with our current consumption model of electronic devices.

Jordan has been involved in the tech industry for 10+ years. His first computer was a Commodore 64 which his father bought for the family when he was just 6 years old. Thanks to his father's subscription to many computer magazines, Jordan started to learn BASIC soon after.


Jordan tries to contribute to the tech community by writing blog posts about various topics he finds interesting. Please, feel free to read some of them below!

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